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September 17, 2012
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Japan stared at you; His mysterious brown eyes looking into your (e/c) orbs with sadness, shock, and worry.
"Why?...Why did you save me (y/n)-san?" He said his words a bit shaky.
You see, you and your friends were trapped in a mansion with this Thing after all of you. You and Japan were the only ones left. But your time will soon be up. You were in the piano room. The Thing was about to strike when…
Japan and I are trapped. There is no way to escape this battle. We can't lose this, we already lost too much. One by one, they left us. France…China…Russia…Canada…England…America…Prussia…Germany…Italy…all of them. I can't lose Japan. He is all I have left.
We were both exhausted. We were barely able to dodge its attacks or do a number on it. Then I saw the thing raised its arm up, ready to attach Japan; and by the look of it, it could kill him.
Without thinking, I stepped in front of Japan and took the attack. A wave of pain washed over me, but I didn't scream. Still standing, I threw my dagger right at the things head, killing it instantly that moment, I knew I was going to die, but a least I will die with honor. Then slowly…I fell.
You were now covered in blood, Japan holding you close, covering his own clothes in red.
"Japan…your making your clothes dirty." You said, knowing that he cares about looking proper.
"I-I don't c-care! Just tell me why! Why!?!?" His words getting shaker from his crying as he spoke.
You stared back at him, your (e/c) eyes becoming void of color, void of life. You did not have much time left; you had to tell him how you felt about him. You will never get another chance.
"I saved you…because I love you. Ever since we met, please, get out of here, keep on living, forget about this terrible place, forget what happened here, forget me…please."
Japan looked at you in shock. Then started to shake you and nearly screaming, "No! I could never forget you! There is no way I could ever forget you because…I love you too…  Aishiteru!"
By the time he finished the sentence, you were already gone; your eyes were closed but you had a big smile on your face. To him, you looked like an angel. Japan kissed you on the lips, not caring about the blood. Then for what seemed like forever, he held you close, protecting his fallen angel.
I was free writing in english class so i wrote this...its so short and cheesey and ooc :iconsulkplz: Well, comment and favorite!
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 :crying: rvmp SOOOOOO SAD!!!
still a good story but...
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but it's still sad :( (Sad).....
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